The first versions of Teledia were launched around 2012 as an internal application for real-time data acquisition and very soon it became the main path for our services to reach the customer.
The next milestone was in 2016, when its commercial exploitation began in the form of a web SCADA platform while continuous development in the background allowed new features and services to be available.
Today the platform offers access to a wide portfolio of digital services and tools, thanks to an effective architecture that allows the user to combine efficiently different modules in a modern GUI.

A cloud based server is connected to multiple physical sites through two-way communication (telemetry)

Various Users through a real time WEB GUI

At the same time, a core module coordinates the execution of:

  • computer models simulating processes and systems,
  • optimization algorithms as well as solvers and calculators.

The user exchanges info through GUI, effectively combining graphic elements (charts, graphs, live maps etc), tables or downloaded reports and files. User data can be uploaded to the system through dedicated input functions in convenient formats.

Today the platform supports our activity by providing the following:

  • Real-time telemetry
  • Automation
  • Maps and Graphs support
  • Maintenance Management

For more demanding applications, the above can be combined with modules providing the following:

  • Various Simulation Models
  • Fault Diagnosis Tools
  • Organization Process Management

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