Control & Automation

Our experienced team is ready to cover everything needed for your automated system. Automation boards are designed, assembled, and tested to cover even the most demanding Industrial applications. PLC programming and system commissioning are included. Of course we stay at your side for long-term support and improvements, in order to follow future demands.

With extensive experience in both industrial and municipal control systems we provide complete solutions to satisfy your overall needs.
Our process expertise supports all field-related decisions while we are familiar with major PLC brands in order to comply with your preferences.
Measurement and diagnostics background allow increased safety for your assets through a reliable alarm system. Finally, the operator can obtain all the information needed in real time either for an overall picture or for easy problem detection.
For systems extending over large geographical areas, SCADA functionality can be provided through our teledia system, offering much more than a classical system. Finally, since SCADA is the beginning and not the end, we continue to support your digitalization process, ensuring your long-term productivity and profitability.

Systems extending over large geographical areas require more than local automation. Overarching automation is necessary in order to take interactions into account and coordinate different subsystems efficiently. Our Teledia system offers server-side capacity in order either to modify local programming parameters or interact directly with local systems as required by the needs and conditions of greater areas. In addition, an advanced alarm system can provide real-time warnings.

Whenever real flow control is needed, our extensive experience, combined with teledia platform capacities, can offer ultimate functionality. In a complex network with many fully interacting components, our systems offer advanced programming capabilities that take into account everything from pumping station operating parameters to any local flow switch, flow meter, or pressure. Both hydraulic and other valves operated by actuators can be included in the system’s functioning, responding in real time to all needs. All classic operations (flow rate, level, pressure control) are covered, including real-time feedback, fault diagnosis, and unlimited history recording. For demanding applications (water hammer and transients in general, various pump and network protections, chemical dosing, etc.) special systems can be designed, applied and fine-tuned according to the desired state.


Fully autonomous units for measurement, evaluation, and optimization of the characteristics of industrial systems. The unit is designed and built according to the relevant standards while it is integrated with subsystems to ensure high-quality testing, including fully automated operation and step-by-step user guidance, a user-friendly interface, report generation, and historical records.
A smart operation mode switcher permits either locking the system to the standard requirements or free operation, allowing for fast evaluations.


A small-scale pilot plant is always a valuable tool either for optimizing an existing one or developing a new process. Let’s examine together the possibilities and best options to include the multiple benefits of our multidisciplinary approach in a single unit.


Systems ranging from single channel measurement to multi-parameter autonomous stations are designed and manufactured according to the project needs. Real time UI as well as historical records are covered by Teledia infrastructure. Industrial applications also provide high-speed multi-channel measurements for diagnostic purposes. All solutions provide automatic alarm warnings through email and a mobile chat app.

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