Vibration analysis is used in conjunction with acoustics in order to enhance the diagnostic capacity of equipment with rotating parts or other types of moving parts. Areas of interest include pumps, fans, compressors, and related turbo machines as well as other equipment for daily use such as vehicles and domestic appliances.

Based on high-frequency sampling, acoustics and pressure analysis offer deep insight regarding upstream and downstream flow conditions. Combined with computational modeling and other parameter measurements, this methodology can be an effective tool for state evaluation at non-accessible positions.

Fluid Mechanics

Two-phase flows can be found almost everywhere in both environmental and industrial systems. The latest advances in both modeling and measurement techniques allow for easier assessments regarding practical and everyday problems. In recent years, interest in energy exchange, especially in piping systems has increased. Typical applications include the transport of air/steam bubbles in a liquid phase, water and oil transportation lines, and particles of solids or water in air streams. We look ahead for possibilities that will allow further developments regarding energy management, energy saving, and flow optimization.

Complex phenomena can be analyzed in detail to weigh the significance of various influential parameters. Computational models can be verified or improved using by detailed measurements in experimental and pilot facilities. As a result, the process concerned can be improved in terms of the desired performance indicator, leading to either a reduced installation footprint or less energy consumption.

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