On site Equipment Evaluation

In an on-site visit, skilled technicians collect information through visual inspection, as well as acoustics and key parameters measurements. The deliverable is a technical report describing the equipment found, the operating conditions, safety/specification violations and explaining the urgent interventions needed in detail. Equipment power supply, automation boards, as well as any maintenance program applied are included in the evaluation as well.

Advanced Equipment Diagnostics

A high-value tool for conditional maintenance scheduling. Diagnostics are performed using minimum disturbance methods. In most cases, dismantling and stoppage are not required. This action provides insight into the causes of frequent damage. Periodic applications can be a useful tool to estimate the aging rate of the equipment. This is an extremely useful tool to minimize maintenance costs and improve the level of equipment availability through conditional maintenance.

Pumping Station Performance Evaluation

All checks are performed using methods that do not require dismantling or lengthy stoppage of the equipment. All auxiliary subsystems, such as power supply and automation boards, are included. Our methodology provides measurements and results regarding flow characteristics, power consumption, and the total and partial efficiency of the equipment involved. Transient phenomena generation is detected and the relevant mechanisms are analyzed in depth, while special attention is paid to the automation system and any other safety and control equipment.

Automation Systems Performance Evaluation

Beyond industrial processes, control equipment lifetime expectations, raw materials, and energy savings, as well as overall performance are subject to decisions and commands activated by an automation system. A detailed review of critical automation procedures can be performed on site, during operations, revealing further improvement and optimization possibilities.

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