Water Networks

Public Water Supply - Irrigation

  Our team is ready to support your project with understanding of the local conditions that affect critical design parameters. Pipe material limitations and equipment specifications are combined with system topology and operation requirements in order to provide a first approach. Furthermore, safety, network management requirements, maintenance practices, as well as personnel skills are all considered in order to finalize the design, leading to a long-running hassle-free system.
  Services can be provided as required: From single pipelines to designing a complete network or even as expert consultants working with your design team!
  Construction phase monitoring can be provided, including specifications, installation and everything needed for proper operations!

Air Management

Beyond Semi-empirical Approaches

  In water networks, air usually acts as an energy absorbing "pillow" in both pressure and gravity systems. Absorbed energy at the pumping station level increases power consumption, while in a gravity line it may reduce or even completely block the flow. The side effects of this phenomenon that may be encountered include the risk of pathogen development, a greater pipe corrosion rate, as well as scale deposits.
  Regarding flow instabilities, air is a significant cause of water hammer effects and pipeline fatigue symptoms. There is no need to mention its catastrophic effect on every attempt at accurate measurement and water balance calculation.
  Based on our extensive experience, we provide air management solutions beyond any semi-empirical approach currently available on the market!

Pumping Stations

Small Details Make a Big Difference 

  The project is always approached as a complex of physical and operational processes, including the equipment and people working to keep the system running as required. There is no need to mention operational variation in the course of a day, a month, or over years. While the system should be fully adaptive to network requirements, at the same time the entire installation should be fully protected against critical requirements, random events, and environmental conditions. Local conditions always play a key role, in conjunction with the technical skills available to service personnel and contractors.

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